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Free range 100% grass fed meat products delivered to your door.

How long until I get my Pack?

To ensure freshness and quality, upon placing your order, we delivery on the Central Coast daily.

Is CM products organic?

This depends on how you define organic. Currently, Australian regulations differ from state to state and the system is quiet convoluted. Whilst we have not chosen to gain this certification we can assure you that our product is grown within the guidelines of good farm management.  It is natural, 100% free range, No Antibiotics, No GMO and hormone-free grass-fed products. We do not and will never use feedlots, gassing of our meat or no-water bulking – we’re only interested in producing hormone-free, natural meat: the way meat was meant to be!

How is our meat packed?

Our farm fresh products are vacuum sealed (cryovac) into convenient sized packs for 4. There is a small service charge for packs sizing less than 4.

How is your meat delivered?

Our farm fresh beef is delivered fresh in vacuum-sealed cryovac bags. Cryovacing allows for longer shelf life: 2 weeks for beef & lamb and up to 4 days for pork and chicken in the fridge or up to 3 years in the freezer.

Which areas do CM deliver to?

We deliver to the Central Coast region weekly. Free delivery for orders over $80

Can I pick up my order from our outlets?

You certainly can, best to ring first or specify time so your order is fulfilled.

Why does it cost less?

Our prices are competitive because you are buying in bulk and receiving the highest quality meat. Buying in this way means great savings for your household budget plus you are supporting Aussie meat and Aussie farmers.

Do you offer specials?

Yes, keep your eyes open for our weekly specials. Sign up to our newsletter and receive our weekly specials to stay in the loop.

How do I pay?

Because meat products differ slightly in weight, the final cost for your order will almost always be slightly different from the price quoted to you when you placed your order. For this reason, we don’t process your payment online but will give you a call to arrange payment over the phone or via mobile EFTPOS on delivery.  Orders can also be placed by phoning our friendly staff on 4324 8737

Customer Reviews

Thank you for such a great service. The rump steaks were gorgeous, the chilli sausages the best we have ever had, and the pork cutlets, I never knew they could be so tender. Watch out for another order very soon. Have recommended you to everyone I speak to. J. Summerfield – Terrigal

My order arrived successfully and immaculately packed. Thank you. The Scotch Fillets were delicious and thank God that, if needed, I can speak to a human being and not an answer machine. P. Lema – Wamberal

Outside of the exceptional meats and poultry I receive I must say I love the variety of your gourmet sausages. Love all your products and the courtesy delivery service. E. Jeston - Carlingford

The exceptional quality of Coastwide Meats I never knew existed, I thought our good stuff went overseas. Thank you for the quality and delivery service. A.Waters - East Gosford 

Thank you for sending me my order of meat. This is my first order with Coastwide Meats and what I have eaten so far is very good indeed, the T Bones and the eye of fillet were so tender. I will be giving you another order in a few weeks’ time. By the way the delivery people were first class as well. Thanks very much. M. O’ Hare – Kincumber

The Eye Fillet I get for Coastwide Meats is fantastic. Al and his team at Coastwide Meats are by far the friendliest butchers on the Central Coast, they delivery to my home and the price is right. Rob Scott - Central Coast NSW

Outside of the great meats I received on a monthly basis is the friendly service. My meat is cryovac to my specifications and delivered to my door. Cheers and thanks, David Hancock – Pennant Hills

Just enjoyed the best piece of beef ever! Even my wife and her napalm cooking could not detract from the tenderness, taste and quality of your produce. My taste buds are eternally in your debt. B. Papas – Point Clare

Now a devoted customer, I couldn't buy from anyone else. The quality is so good that my family think I've taken cooking lessons! Excellent quality, affordable and so easy to order and receive my home delivery. Love the packaging too, so fresh! Susanne - Glenning Valley