Chicken necks are packed abundantly with lean, exceptional quality protein. Rich in B12, B6, vitamin D and zinc, niacin and calcium. A great source of natural omega 3's and 6's.  All of which is necessary for healthy growth and development, and for the correct mineralisation (strength) of the teeth, bones and joint structure. All of this is vital for muscular contraction in the body, including the heart muscle, and is essential in a wide array of metabolic processes.

Chicken Neck Treats - For Pets

  • Our Chicken Neck Jerky treats are made from 100% Australian free range chicken. Free from preservatives and additives.  An ideal treat or for training. Suitable for puppies to old dogs. A highly recommend dehydrated treat for that fussy pet.


    Usage: Entertaining Chew, Dental Aid or for Training.

    Origin: 100% Australian free range chicken neck, sourced, dehydrated and packed in our commercial kitchens at West Gosford.

    Ingredience: Pure chicken necks.