Gluten Free - 100% Grassfed Beef. Hormone & Antibiotic FREE

Size 240g - 260g


Health Benefits of Beef.


  • Muscle Building and Tissue Repair. The protein comprised in one daily serving of red meat contains the amino acids you need for muscle building and tissue repair.
  • Red Blood Cell, immune strength and overall well-being.
  • Development and general health.
  • A healthy nervous, immune and digestive system.

GF Beef Schnitzel

  • Some customers have an intolerance to gluten and therefore need to go GLUTEN FREE but there are more reasons to go GF then just for the intolerance level. GF also Improves cholesterol levels, Promotes digestive health and Increases energy levels. | (02) 4324 8737 | 7/12 Grieve Rd, West Gosford, NSW

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